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These are the Rules: Read Carefully

Refunds, Deferrals & Waitlist

  • Pregnancy: Congratulations! We are happy to offer you a refund for your entry fee (simply email us with a doctor's note). We look forward to seeing you on the start line in the future.

  • We do not provide refunds, deferrals or credits for any other reason. We do not offer a waitlist. We are a small organization and appreciate your patience.


Changing distances

  • You may move down in distance with no refund for the registration cost difference.

  • You may move up in distance by paying the difference in registration cost.

Race Day Rules

  1. Be a good person!: These events do not happen without the kindness and willingness of volunteers. Any person who is mean to volunteers will be disqualified and banned from future events. Say please and thank you. The trails are also public spaces, so slow down and move over for other trail users. If you want to know what it feels like to be the most appreciated people at these events, consider volunteering! 

  2. Carry an offline map and study it: A lot of the course is in remote terrain. You will need to be able to take care of yourself and move forward for extended periods of time. The back country aid stations will have minimal resources beyond nutrition and basic first aid. 

  3. Mandatory Gear: Carry an offline version of the map (Alltrails, Strava, Gaia, etc).  That is it! You are participating in an event that goes through remote terrain. If this is your first ultra, talk to people who've done this stuff before. Or, Contact Us! We're happy to share our trail running tips, tricks and experience. We reserve the right to require you to carry water or other gear dependent on the weather. 

  4. Stay on the course: Course will be marked with pink surveyors tape. Critical junctions will be marked with laminated signage and/or course marshals.

  5. No Pacers or dogs with registered runners: If you need a pacer or service dog for guidance, please contact us and let us know you will be joining us! Dogs are allowed in the aid stations and in the start finish area.

  6. 50km Crews: Crews for 50km runners are allowed at the start/finish area, the Harbourview Aid Station (40km) , and at the Charter Creek Aid Station (24km). It is a 150m walk from the parking area to the Charter Creek Aid station. Cell service is spotty throughout the course, and at this stage we will not be doing any live tracking. Runners will be required to carry a cellphone. Runners can notify crews of their locations at high points on the course (Empress, Monument and Quimper). 

  7. 25km Crews: If you wish to meet up with a runner on the course, crews can hike or ride a bike, up to the Quimper Approach Aid Station. It is 4.5km from the Harbourview Parking Lot.

  8. No crew assistance outside of the aid stations: Runners are encouraged to help each other out on the course, but crews cannot help their runner more than 100m outside of an aid station. If you want to help a runner, please consider volunteering!

  9. Poles: Poles are ok. If they make you feel better, use them. This may not be the best terrain for them. 

  10. Drop Bags: No drop bags for the 25km. 50Km runners can bring a "shoe box" size drop bag for the Charter Creek Aid and/or the Harbourview Aid. 

  11. Check In: Runners will need to check in on top of Empress and at each aid station. This helps us keep track of you.

  12. Garbage: Do not litter. Does this need to be said? We encourage you to carry your garbage to dispose of at one of the "front country" aid stations. Aid station volunteers will be packing in  and out a lot of stuff. Reducing their load would be great!

  13. Nature's Call: There are outhouses at the start/finish, one at the Quimper Aid, and two at the Harbourview Aid. If you need to poo in the forest, get 10 metres off the trail, dig a hole at least 6" deep, then cover. Please do this away from any water source.

  14. DNF-ing:  Please persevere, but sometimes things happen. If you do need to drop, you must let an aid station captain know. Do not go off course!  Do not leave without telling anyone! We will be coordinating with SAR, and we do not want to send a search party out for you. If you drop at one of the backcountry aid stations, you will have a long way to walk out. There is no way to get motorized vehicles in or out.

  15. Aid Station Captains, Medical Personnel and the Race Directors have final say: You must listen to the Aid Station Captains, Medical Personnel and Race Directors. You cannot continue past cutoffs. Sometimes tough decisions need to be made and you must respect that. 

  16. Please Enjoy Yourself! 

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